Greater Invisibility 5E: D&D Spell Description and Guide

Greater Invisibility 5E

Are you aiming to add an extra layer of strategy and intrigue to your D&D campaigns? Look no further than the Greater Invisibility 5e spell. This isn’t your ordinary invisibility – it’s a game-changer, allowing you to render someone completely invisible even when they attack or cast spells.

It’s a tool that can turn the tide in battles, create distractions, or pull off stealthy maneuvers with finesse. As long as you know how this spell works and when to employ it, you’ll have an ace up your sleeve that can keep both friends and foes guessing.

This article will delve into the mechanics of Greater Invisibility 5e – who can cast it, how and when to use it effectively, its features, targets, pros and cons. So grab your dice and get ready for some magical shenanigans!


What is Greater Invisibility 5e?

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Greater Invisibility isn’t just a spell—it’s a powerful tool that allows the caster to become unseen and untouchable, transforming every battle into an advantageous game of hide and seek. You’re not merely making yourself invisible, you’re gaining the upper hand in combat strategies, becoming nearly impossible for enemies to hit.

What is Greater Invisibility 5e?

Understanding the spell mechanics is crucial. As a fourth-level illusion spell with verbal and somatic components, it requires concentration for up to one minute. It means you can perform other actions while maintaining invisibility, but if your concentration breaks due to damage or distraction, so does your invisibility.

Now let’s talk about caster limitations—unlike its lesser cousin spell ‘Invisibility,’ which only keeps you invisible until you attack or cast a spell—Greater Invisibility remains active even when performing these actions. This opens up countless possibilities for sneaky attacks and tactical maneuvers!

The magic world of D&D is filled with numerous invisibility variations, each offering different benefits. Yet none provide such a profound impact on gameplay as Greater Invisibility does by turning battles into thrilling games of strategy.

Remember that being armed with this knowledge makes all the difference because in this realm, knowledge is power!

Who Can Cast Greater Invisibility 5e?

Ready to vanish without a trace in your D&D game? Check out these classes that can cast this advanced stealth spell:

  • Bards: Known for their eclectic magical abilities, bards can cast Greater Invisibility at 4th level. Their unique casting duration allows them to maintain the spell while performing other actions.
  • Sorcerers: These magic users have Greater Invisibility as part of their vast magical repertoire from the 7th level onwards. Sorcerers’ spell limitations are few, making them ideal for this particular trick.
  • Warlocks: If they choose the Archfey as their patron, warlocks get access to Greater Invisibility at higher levels. This invisibility mechanic works perfectly with their cunning and deceptive nature.
  • Wizards: With an extensive list of spells in their arsenal, wizards can also start casting Greater Invisibility from the 7th level. Their understanding of magic resistance impact gives them an edge while using it tactically.
  • Artificers: The masters of magical crafting gain access to this spell at the 13th level. They integrate it seamlessly into their inventions.

Greater Invisibility’s mechanics offer endless strategic possibilities, allowing you and your party to overcome challenges unseen by enemies. Remember, though – use your newfound stealth wisely! Misuse may lead to unexpected consequences or even potential backlash from those who aren’t thrilled about being deceived by invisible foes.

How and when should I use Greater Invisibility 5e?

Whether attempting a daring heist or trying to gain the upper hand in a fierce battle, cloaking yourself with this advanced stealth spell can be your secret weapon.

How and when should I use Greater Invisibility 5e?

Understanding the invisibility mechanics of Greater Invisibility 5e is crucial for tactical usage during gameplay. Unlike basic invisibility spells, Greater Invisibility doesn’t end when you attack or cast a spell, offering continuous concealment.

When it comes to combat, use Greater Invisibility to get close and land powerful strikes without revealing your position. As an invisible striker, you’ll have an advantage on attack rolls, while enemies have a disadvantage against you. This magic balancing greatly increases your chances of success in critical moments.

The roleplaying invisibility aspects are just as exciting! Imagine infiltrating enemy lines undetected or eavesdropping on secret conversations – the possibilities for espionage are endless! But remember: while invisible, you’re not intangible; noise and interaction with objects can still give away your presence.

With strategic application and thoughtful playstyle adaptation, Greater Invisibility offers diverse options to creatively navigate challenges in 5e. Stay unseen but never unnoticed as you harness the power of this fantastic magic tool.


Greater Invisibility 5e Features

Delving into the specifics, let’s enumerate the key attributes of this powerful stealth spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Greater Invisibility is a boon in your magical arsenal as it offers an edge in combat scenarios and opens up new avenues for invisibility ethics.

  • Spell Level: It’s a fourth-level illusion spell. You need to be proficient enough to cast such high-level magic.
  • Casting Time: You only take one action to weave the intricate spell mechanics and render someone invisible.
  • Duration: The spell lasts up to one minute, equating to ten rounds of combat.
  • Invisibility Mechanics: Once cast, the target becomes invisible until the spell ends, or they attack or cast a spell.
  • Combat Advantage: Unlike standard invisibility spells, attacking or casting spells doesn’t break greater invisibility, giving you significant tactical advantages during fights.
  • Magical Limitations: Despite its potency, remember that anything the target is wearing or carrying also becomes invisible but drops if it leaves their person.

Greater Invisibility is pivotal during stealth missions and surprise attacks – lending power and adaptability. So next time you prepare your spells, don’t overlook this potent tool – it might be your secret weapon when tackling tricky situations.

Who Can I Target With Greater Invisibility 5e?

In the heat of a grueling D&D battle, you might wonder who exactly you can cast this stealthy spell on. Well, Greater Invisibility 5e is flexible in its targeting mechanics. You can choose yourself or another creature you can see within range to benefit from this spell’s tactical advantages.

Who Can I Target With Greater Invisibility 5e?

The invisibility mechanics are relatively straightforward. The target becomes invisible until the spell ends or until they attack or cast a spell. This makes them harder to hit and gives them an advantage in their attacks. It’s a game-changer regarding stealth strategies and combat applications, allowing your party’s rogue or ranger to slip past enemies undetected or set up for that critical surprise attack.

There are certain spell limitations, though. For one, remember that Greater Invisibility only affects one creature at a time and doesn’t extend to anything the target is wearing or carrying – so any shiny armor or flaming swords will still be visible!

Besides these considerations, whether it’s boosting your survival chances in combat or giving an ally the upper hand, Greater Invisibility offers a broad versatility for clever battlefield maneuvers. Use it wisely!

Pros and Cons

Let’s now delve into the advantages and disadvantages of this stealthy spell, dissecting its potential impacts on your D&D game strategy.

Firstly, the Pros:

  • Evasion: Greater invisibility 5e gives you an edge in evading enemies by making you invisible until the spell ends or until you attack or cast a spell.
  • Advantage on Attacks: As per invisibility mechanics, it offers an advantage on attack rolls against creatures that can’t see you.
  • Defense Boost: It also disadvantages attackers when trying to hit you, adding an extra layer of protection.

Now for the Cons:

  • Duration Limitation: The spell lasts only up to one minute; it may not be enough time for complex tasks or lengthy battles.
  • Balance Issues: Some players argue greater invisibility can disrupt game balance due to its powerful effects.
  • Spell Interactions: Certain spells like ‘See Invisibility’ and ‘True Sight’ can negate the benefits of this spell.

A comparative analysis shows that despite some drawbacks related to balance issues and specific spell interactions, greater invisibility 5e still stands out as a formidable tool for both offense and defense maneuvers in D&D gameplay. Remember, utilizing these pros wisely while mitigating cons will pave your path toward victory!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of Greater Invisibility 5e?

The spell Greater Invisibility in D&D 5e lasts up to a minute with concentration. Remember its casting time, material requirements, and the mechanics of invisibility when utilizing this spell.

2. Are there any limitations or conditions for using Greater Invisibility 5e?

Sure, casting Greater Invisibility requires verbal and somatic components. It’s quick, with a casting time of one action. However, its range is tough, so you must be close to your target. No material requirements exist.

3. Can the Greater Invisibility 5e spell be dispelled or countered by any other spells or abilities?

Yes, your stealth strategies using Greater Invisibility can be countered. Spells like True Seeing bypass invisibility in combat, while Dispel Magic can end it. Magic resistance implications also affect invisibility ethics in gameplay.

4. Are any creatures or characters immune or resistant to Greater Invisibility 5e?

Creatures with Invisibility Detection Methods or Magical Creature Sight can perceive you, despite Greater Invisibility in Combat. However, no creatures or characters possess explicit Spell Immunity Variations to this spell. It’s all about perception abilities!

5. Is Greater Invisibility 5e considered a high-level spell?

Yes, Greater Invisibility is a 4th level spell and more powerful than basic Invisibility. It requires pricier spell components and complex casting methods and offers superior combat applications. Multiclass considerations should be made for optimal use.



In conclusion, you’ve now got a solid understanding of Greater Invisibility 5e. It’s an incredible spell that can turn the tide in your favor during combat or help you sneak around undetected.

However, remember it’s not without its limitations and should be used strategically for maximum effect. Whether you’re casting it on yourself or a team member, make sure to consider all its features and potential targets to fully utilize this powerful tool in your arcane arsenal.

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