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Point Buy Calculator 5e

D&D 5e Point Buy Calculator

John Rogers

What is DnD Point Buy? The DnD Point Buy system is a method used to generate a character’s ability scores ...

Understanding RNG in Dungeons & Dragons

Decoding RNG in D&D’s Adventurous Journeys: The Essence of Randomness

John Rogers

Random Number Generation (RNG) is a pivotal element in various gaming environments, especially in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and online ...

D&D Facts

5 Surprising Dungeons & Dragons Historical Facts

John Rogers

Dungeons & Dragons has remained a captivating phenomenon since its debut in 1974. Initially conceived as a modest endeavor by ...

Mending 5e:

Mending 5e: Master the Art of Magical Restoration in D&D

John Rogers

Are you a seasoned sorcerer, an adept wizard, or perhaps a newbie looking to expand your magical repertoire? Either way, ...

Samurai Fighter 5e: Master the Art of Battle in D&D 5e

Samurai Fighter 5e: Master the Art of Battle in D&D 5e

John Rogers

The clash of steel echoes across the battlefield as I, your guide into this world of imagination, step into the ...


Ranger Class in d&D 5e – Ultimate DnD Guide

John Rogers

In every Dungeons & Dragons party, there’s always a need for that one character who can scout ahead, take down ...

Assasin Rogue Subclass

Assasin Rogue Subclass 5e: Master Stealth Tactics & Strikes

John Rogers

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast like me, you know there’s something incredibly alluring about slipping through the shadows, ...

Backgrounds in DnD

Backgrounds in DnD: Crafting Unique Stories for D&D

John Rogers

Roll up your sleeves and grab your dice, adventurers, for today, we delve into the winding world of Dungeons and ...

How to Craft Magic Items in DND 5E: Ultimate Guide & Tips

John Rogers

As a seasoned wizard of the realm, I’ve always found a certain joy in crafting magic items. I’m sure you ...

Dash Action in DnD 5E

Dash Action in DnD 5E: A Comprehensive Guide

John Rogers

Alright, buckle up, my fellow DnD enthusiasts. Today, we’re diving into one of those game mechanics that leaves most people ...

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