Bestow Curse 5E: D&D Spell Description and Usage Guide

Bestow Curse 5E

So, you’re ready to delve into the dark arts of spellcasting in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition? Well, you’re in for a treat with Bestow Curse. It’s an enigmatic and potent spell that allows you to cripple your enemies and turn the tide of battle. Understanding this spell can take your game strategy up a notch, whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice wizard.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Bestow Curse 5e – who can cast it, when and how to use it effectively, its unique features, potential targets, and its pros and cons. So buckle up! By the end of this guide, you’ll be more than ready to weave this curse into your narratives and gameplay like a true RPG mastermind.


What is Bestow Curse 5e?

Looking for a spell that can tip the scales in your favor during combat? Bestow Curse 5e might just be what you’re searching for! This potent spell hails from the fascinating and often misunderstood school of Necromancy magic. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, but it’s believed to have been used by ancient sorcerers to cripple their enemies and gain an advantage on the battlefield.

What is Bestow Curse 5e?

As a caster, you can choose from various effects when using this spell – inflict dreadful suffering on your enemy, hinder their abilities or even force them into disadvantageous situations. The vast role-play implications allow you to express your character’s dark side or illustrate their lengths to ensure victory.

However, before engaging in such practices, consider the ethical considerations. Remember that while it’s part of the game mechanics, casting curses is still morally grey in many adventuring circles. Be prepared for potential backlash both in-game and out-of-game.

Curse removal isn’t always straightforward; victims often require costly or complex rituals to shake off these malignant enchantments. So next time you plan your strategy, remember Bestow Curse 5e – it may give you that winning edge!

Who Can Cast Bestow Curse 5e?

As a player in the 5th edition of this popular tabletop RPG, you’ve got several options for casting this particular hex. Here’s who can do it:

  • Bards: Versatile spellcasters with an extensive spell list that includes Bestow Curse 5e. Some bards believe curses originate from discordant melodies played on magical instruments.
  • Clerics: Religious figures with divine powers which encompass this spell. Clerics are among the most potent spellcasting classes capable of cursing or blessing.
  • Wizards: Masters of arcane magic, they have access to a vast array of spells, including this one.
  • Paladin (Sub-Classes)

Remember, your character must have the spell on their class’s spell list and a slot of the appropriate level available to cast it.

So whichever class you choose for your journey into fantasy and adventure, remember that knowledge is power. Understanding where your abilities come from and how best to use them will enrich your gaming experience and strengthen your bond with your party members as you navigate through trials together. So embrace these mystical arts and make every foe rue the day they crossed paths with you!

How and when should I use Bestow Curse in 5e?

In the throes of a perilous encounter, knowing when and how to unleash your hex could mean the difference between victory and defeat. The Bestow Curse spell in 5e is a potent tool, requiring consideration of Curse Duration and Curse Effects for maximum impact.

How and when should I use Bestow Curse in 5e?

The key to maximizing this spell’s effectiveness lies in understanding its dynamics. You’ll need to be strategic about Utilizing Spell Slots; using higher-level slots increases the curse duration, making it permanent at the ninth level. Think creatively about the curse effects – reducing an enemy’s ability scores or giving them a disadvantage on certain rolls can turn the tide in your favor.

Consider timing too. A well-placed curse could disrupt enemy plans or create openings for allies’ strikes. This is where Multiplayer Strategy comes into play; coordinating with teammates can amplify your curse’s impact. But remember: what’s given can be taken away. If you’re up against a cunning adversary who knows Curse Removal spells, they might swiftly turn your plan upside down by removing your curses.

So, strategize wisely! Blend timing, creativity, and consideration of potential counterplays into one lethal mix that leaves adversaries dreading every step they take under your ominous shadow.


Bestow Curse 5e Features

Unleashing this mighty hex, you’ll find its features to be as intriguing as they are terrifying. Here’s a rundown on the key aspects of Bestow Curse 5e:

  • The curse mechanics are comprehensive yet straightforward. You touch a creature, and that creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be cursed for the duration of your spell.
  • Speaking of duration aspects, at base level,, it lasts up to one minute but can extend to ten, eight, or even twenty-four hours, depending upon the spell slot used.
  • Let’s not forget the range variables: you must be within touching distance of your target, giving this spell an intimate yet chilling edge.
  • Spell versatility is another feature that makes Bestow Curse stand out. From choosing disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls tied with one ability score to dealing extra necrotic damage or even creating custom curses, you have an array of options.
  • Lastly are those ingenious curse effects which make this spell so potent. It provides ample room for creativity while making each encounter unique.

As you delve deeper into the realm of Bestow Curse 5e, remember its power isn’t solely in its potential damage output but also in its remarkable tactical possibilities that can turn any dreadful situation around in your party’s favor.

Who Can I Target With Bestow Curse 5e?

You might be wondering, who’s fair game for this potent hex? Bestow Curse 5e is a highly versatile spell and can target just about any creature you encounter in your adventures. Whether it’s an enemy goblin or a treacherous rogue, they can be cursed as long as they’re within your reach.

Who Can I Target With Bestow Curse 5e?

However, there are some factors to consider, like curse duration and target resistance. The base duration of the curse is up to one minute but can extend depending on the spell slot you use. Remember that higher-level creatures often have strong resistance or immunities to certain spells. Your DM may require checks against their Spell Save DC – if the target resists successfully, your curse won’t stick.

The beauty of Bestow Curse 5e lies in its spell versatility; it allows creative freedom in defining the curse effects. But remember the potential repercussions! Curses aren’t light tricks – they carry weighty consequences for both the caster and receiver.

While using Bestow Curse 5e adds excitement and depth to your game, don’t neglect ethical considerations. Using such a powerful hex indiscriminately could lead to dark paths and moral dilemmas for your character – making for an engaging story twist or an internal conflict worth exploring!

Pros and Cons

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of this potent spell, shall we?

Regarding pros, the bestow curse 5e has various curse applications. You can opt for generic curses that penalize ability checks or saving throws, let your creativity flow, and design a unique effect tailored to your needs. Additionally, with enough experience levels in your casting class, the curse duration can be extended from minutes to even hours–a generous time for you to make the most out of it.

Yet every coin has two sides. The cons lie mainly in its limitations and resistance. While the spell is versatile, there are restrictions on what kind of curse modifications you may impose. It cannot directly kill or cause severe harm to a target—a setback if you aim for lethal damage.

Also, if your target succeeds on their Wisdom saving throw against it, they resist the spell entirely—an unfortunate possibility considering many creatures have high Wisdom scores. So as appealing as bestowing a curse might seem at first glance—remember these points before making it part of your game plan!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some effective strategies for using Bestow Curse 5e in a group setting?

For optimal group strategy, carefully select your curse’s target and duration. Use various curse variations for tactical advantage. Ensure team communication to apply the curse effectively in combat. Remember, you’re part of a collective effort!

2. Are there any potential side effects or risks associated with casting Bestow Curse 5e?

Absolutely, buddy! Casting any curse carries risks. You’re tinkering with magic’s darker sides. The curse’s duration could backfire, or you might mess up casting components, inviting unwanted magical backlash. Always proceed with caution!

3. Can the effects of Bestow Curse 5e be reversed or negated in any way?

Sure, the effects of a curse can be reversed. Curse removal methods include spells like Remove Curse or Greater Restoration. Magic resistance might lessen the curse’s impact. Remember, role-playing implications when dealing with multi-curse stacking and duration extensions.

4. How does Bestow Curse 5e compare to similar spells regarding power and effectiveness?

Bestow Curse 5e’s duration is longer than similar spells in terms of power and effectiveness. Its spell components allow for creative combinations, but it’s damage implications and curse resistance can vary across enemies.

5. Are specific classes or character builds particularly suited to using Bestow Curse 5e?

As a spellcaster, your class’s curse mechanics and spell timing can benefit from Bestow Curse’s versatility. Warlocks and Bards can create potent curse combos through multiclassing benefits, making them ideally suited for this spell.


In conclusion, Bestow Curse 5e is a versatile and powerful spell in your D&D arsenal. It can cripple your foes and enhance your abilities, making it a valuable tool in combat. However, it is important to use it wisely, as its effectiveness depends on strategic planning and understanding of the game’s mechanics. Whether you’re a cleric or wizard, mastering this spell can truly tip the scales in your favor during intense battles.

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