Fighter 5E Class Guide – Master the Art of Combat

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Fighter 5E Class Guide - Master the Art of Combat

As we gear up for now, let’s dive into one of the most versatile and beloved classes in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: Fighter 5E. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the name; a Fighter is anything but basic. It’s for those who love direct combat and crave action.

As a Fighter, you’ll be front and center during every battle. With your vast selection of weapons and defense capabilities, you are not just an asset but a necessity for any adventuring party. The beauty of this class lies in its flexibility. Whether you prefer to take on foes with physical strength or strategic foresight, Fighter 5E can be tailored exactly to your playing style. Ready to roll? Let’s delve deeper.


Fighter 5E Proficiency

Below is the table for the Fighter 5E, which gives an idea about the skills required at each level, along with proficiency and their features.

LevelProficiency BonusFeatures
1+2Fighting Style, Second Wind
2+2Action Surge (one use)
3+2Martial Archetype Feature
4+2Ability Score Improvement (ASI)
5+3Extra Attack
7+3Martial Archetype Feature
9+4Indomitable (one use)
10+4Martial Archetype Feature
11+4Extra Attack (2)
13+5Indomitable (two uses)
15+5Martial Archetype Feature
17+6Action Surge (two services), Indomitable (three services)
18+6Martial Archetype Feature
20+6Extra Attack (3)

FIGHTER 5E Hit Points

When it comes to embarking on any adventurous journey through the world of DnD, understanding the importance of hit points is key.

Hit Points

For a Fighter 5E, this is especially true as your hit points reflect not just your ability to withstand blows but also serve as a symbol of your endurance and inner vitality.

  • The conversation about the Fighter class would not be complete without a deep dive into hit points. In Dungeons and Dragons, hit points (HP) are your character’s life force.
  • Essentially, these are what keep your fighter on his or her feet. The more hit points you have, the harder it is for your character to get knocked down in combat; that’s something every spunky dungeon dweller should appreciate!
  • Now, let’s talk about calculating these critical numbers. For the Fighter 5E class, it starts at a whopping 10 plus their Constitution modifier. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
  • As you gain experience with this class and level up, guess what—you get more of these precious HP! For each group after the first level, it’s 1d10 (or 6) plus your Constitution modifier per fighter level! Yep—you heard right—there’s potential for quite a lot of HP if you play your chips right.
  • Think about it: The higher the constitution score of your character—the higher their vitality and health—and the more missions he or she can endure!

Fighter 5E Equipments

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, fighters are known for their versatility and prowess on the battlefield. While many believe that these warriors’ effectiveness stems from their use of powerful weapons, true efficiency can also be found in choosing to fight unarmed. Let’s delve into the benefits of harnessing unarmed combat and why you might favor your fists over traditional weapons.

Chain Mail

To start, nothing beats the durable and efficient chain mail for overall defense. It’s your best friend when you’re in the thick of battle.


This piece of armament is critical, especially if you find yourself often on the front lines. Besides adding to your Armor Class, it also provides the greatest chance of reducing incoming damage.

Longsword or Greatsword

Depending on your style — do you prefer wielding a single weapon or going dual? Either way, these swords are must-haves in any Fighter’s arsenal for their versatility and damage potential.


So you prefer norms distance enemy encounters? No problem! The longbow is one excellent long-range weapon option. Remember to carry a quiver of arrows with it.

Adventurer’s Pack

This pack is not exclusive to Fighters, but it’s essential nonetheless. It contains useful items like ropes, torches, and rations that could save the day during adventures.

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Fighter 5E Class Features

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, Fighters are renowned for their combat prowess and versatility. One aspect that often gets overlooked is their ability to efficiently wield unarmed strikes in battle.

Fighter 5E Class Features

This skill, when developed, can serve as a powerful weapon that holds numerous strategic advantages.

  • Fighting Style: At Level 1, fighters can adopt a style of fighting, each with unique benefits such as defense, dueling, great weapon fighting, and more.
  • Second Wind: This is the self-healing ability of a Fighter. It’s available from Level 1 and can be used once per short or long rest.
  • Action Surge: From Level 2, fighters get an extra action on top of their regular action and possible bonus action.
  • Martial Archetype: At the third level, Fighter players choose an archetype that represents the specific way their fighter trains for combat. Choices include Champion, Battle Master, or Eldritch Knight.
  • Ability Score Improvement: When you reach certain levels (4th, 6th, 8th, etc), you can improve your character’s Ability Scores, thus making them more powerful.
  • Extra Attack: Beginning at level five, fighters get to attack twice whenever they take the Attack action on their turn.
  • Indomitable: Acquired at the ninth level, this allows you to reroll a saving throw that you fail, providing options for self-preservation in critical circumstances.

Fighter 5E Tips & Tricks

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, the Fighter is a formidable class known for their strength and martial prowess. While weapons are often their go-to tools, the use of unarmed strikes can bring numerous strategic benefits to the table.

Fighter 5E Tips & Tricks

Here are some insightful ways and reasons to consider unarmed combat, showcasing the unique versatility and resourcefulness of this class.

  • Opt for Versatility: In DnD, unpredictability is par for the course. As a Fighter, your best bet is to be prepared for anything that comes your way — gain proficiency in different weapons and armor types, which will provide more tactical options during combat.
  • Understand Your Role: This might sound like stating the obvious, but hear me out! As a Fighter class character, you command significant respect on the battlefield; it’s not all about dealing massive damage (though it won’t hurt if you do!). You must also protect your allies from harm by positioning yourself strategically when engaging enemies.
  • Abide by Action Economy: Utilizing actions in combat smartly can make or break any encounter. Multiclassing may grant more opportunities per turn, but remember that Fighters are designed with the intent of being efficient without needing to multiclass.


Frequently Asked Questions

How important is Strength for a Fighter 5E in DnD?

It’s crucial! Strength impacts your attack and damage rolls with melee weapons, making it vital for close-combat fighters.

Which race is best suited to the Fighter 5E class?

While any race can be a great fighter, races like the Human or Half-Orc often excel due to their bonus to Strength and Constitution.

Can Fighters cast spells?

Yes, at level 3, if you choose the Eldritch Knight archetype, you’ll gain limited spellcasting abilities.

How strong is a level 20 fighter 5e?

Level 20 fighters slay armies and can usually pump out well over 50 damage every single turn. If their action surge they can obliterate hard targets in one round. A fighter with a powerful weapon can quite literally nuke a target in a few turns.



In conclusion, the Fighter 5E class in Dungeons and Dragons offers an incredible depth of customization compared to other character classes. The array of choices available for weapon specializations, the exciting progression chart, and a slew of handy class features make each gaming experience unique. It is this variety that allows players to build their very own formidable hero molded to their gaming style.

However, every playstyle comes with its challenges, and playing Fighter 5E is no exception. The correct choice of equipment coupled with clever utilization of bonuses from Hit Points and Proficiency can dramatically influence your success on quest paths. Remember, it’s not just about winning battles – it’s about how you strategize your gameplay.

Finally, playing as a Fighter 5E emphasizes team dynamics as much as individual prowess in DnD campaigns. A sturdy balance between attack maneuvers and defensive tactics is key here! As you level up your Fighter persona, remember – every critical decision you make contributes toward carving out your legacy in this fantasy universe!

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