Power Unleashed – Toll The Dead 5E Spell Explained

Toll The Dead 5E

Have you ever found yourself engrossed in the intricate world of Dungeons & Dragons only to stumble across a spell that left you scratching your head? Well, today is your lucky day. I’m going to shed some light on one particular necromancy cantrip that could shift the tide in your next gaming session — yes, that would be none other than Toll the Dead 5E.

This grim yet fascinating spell captures the very essence of how morbidly beautiful DnD can be in its game mechanics. It operates uniquely compared to most other spells, making it an intriguing pick for any player looking to expand their repertoire and keep their enemies on their toes.

So strap yourself in. We’re about to unravel all the dark secrets behind Toll the Dead 5E. Whether you’re a newbie just dipping your toes into this magical realm or an experienced mage thirsty for more knowledge, this guide will be enlightening and interesting at every turn.


WHAT IS Toll the Dead 5E?

Have you ever heard a somber bell tolling in the thick of a heated DnD battle, sending chills down your spine? That, my friends, could well be the eerie effect of the Toll the Dead 5E spell pulsating through the air — a cantrip you’d come to either love or dread, depending on which side you’re on.

WHAT IS Toll the Dead 5E?

Originating from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Toll the Dead 5E is quite a powerful necromancy cantrip within Dungeons and Dragons. It uses haunting soul bell sounds to channel its spell power and inflicts significant necrotic damage on opponents who have already taken some hits— boding ill for enemies already weakened in battle.

Unlike others that require precision aim or touch, this spell targets your opponent’s life force directly. If your adversary bears no damage at all when you cast it, they are subject to d8 necrotic damage instead — creating both tactical potential and dramatic moments throughout gameplay.

WHO CAN CAST Toll the Dead 5E?

Toll the Dead 5E, a necromancy spell in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), can be utilized by certain classes to inflict damage on enemies. Let’s take a look at who can cast this ominous cantrip:

  • Warlocks: As masters of the arcane and experts in dealing with life and death, warlocks have access to a wide array of spells, which includes Toll the Dead. They tap into their patrons’ power to manifest this grim magic.
  • Wizards: Learned scholars of the arcane, wizards add this spell to their spellbooks through relentless study and interpretation of esoteric texts. Their ability to control various types of magic makes it possible for them to cast Toll the Dead.
  • Clerics: Serving as intermediaries between mortals and divine beings, some clerics delve into more somber channeling abilities, gaining proficiency in spells like Toll the Dead.


At the heart of the Dungeons and Dragons game, one unshakeable constant always stands out – magic. These spells separate a simple in-game brawl from a breathtaking battle that immerses you in its fantasy world. One such spell is the Toll the Dead 5E, dripping with intensity, leaving players both thrilled and anxious, depending on which end of the wand they stand on!


The question buzzing in your mind might be: When and how should I use Toll the Dead 5E? The simple answer: whenever you need to dish out heavy damage!

As a necromancy cantrip introduced in Xanathar’s Guide To Everything, Toll The Dead 5E is unique as it does more harm to enemies who’ve previously been injured. Casters use it to deal damage against their foes using their saving throw instead of trying to hit their armor class directly.

Imagine you’re embroiled in a hairy situation with some adversaries taking some hits but still standing strong – that’s when this spell comes into play. Damage inflicted by Toll The Dead increases if your target’s health isn’t at its peak—a surefire ticket for turning around even the most dire situations.

Another instance would be when facing tough enemies with high Armor Class (AC). Instead of futilely trying to hit them using attack rolls, switching tactics and leveraging saving throws could increase your chances of successful damage-dealing.

Casting it is no difficult feat either—all you need are verbal and somatic components—meaning that for all those times when throwing your voice or moving hands are accessible options, along comes this gem of a spell—a true testament that victory isn’t solely held by those exerting raw power or intricate strategy but also those who adapt and thrive amid adversity.

Toll the Dead 5E FEATURES

Toll the Dead 5E is a necromancy cantrip that is unique and effective when used strategically. Below are some of its characteristic features.

Class Availability

Primarily, this spell is available to classes such as Clercs and Warlocks. This is a welcome addition to their spell list, providing an extra tool in combat.

Damage Type

The damage type is necrotic. It deals a significant amount of damage and becomes more potent as you level up.

Range and components

Its range is 60 feet, which gives it an edge over traditional melee attacks. The material component for this spell is not expensive or hard to find — a simple bell will do the trick!

Peeling back its curtain, it’s a spell designed for dealing with damaged foes due to the feature that increases the effect on already harmed opponents. It offers casters a tactical advantage in controlling the battlefield, making quick work of weak enemies, or wearing down stronger ones.



With Toll the Dead 5E, you have to choose a creature that you can see within range. And when we say “range,” it refers to the spell’s limit — which, in this case, is an impressive 60 feet! So, even if your adversary is standing right on the other side of a large room or even across a couple of football fields, you’ve got them in your range!


However, here’s where things get interesting: The damage inflicted by this spell varies depending on whether or not your target has already lost any of their hit points.

For instance, if they’re still at full health — brave and fighting fit — then you’ll roll a d8 for damage. But if they’re already battered and bruised i.e., they’ve lost some hit points, your attack suddenly becomes far more potent! In this case, you’ll roll a whopping d12 for damage!

And as I’ve already mentioned priorly in Toll the Dead 5E Features, the spell deals necrotic damage — perfect for weakening or finishing off those pesky undead creatures! However, always remember that certain creatures may have resistance or immunity to necrotic damage.


Every D&D spell, including Toll the Dead 5E, has its advantages and disadvantages. By understanding its strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to make the most out of this spell during your campaigns.

Higher damage output against damaged enemies.Necrotic resistance or immunity reduces effectiveness.
Ranged option for Clerics and Warlocks.Limited usefulness if the enemy is at full health.
Potential greater damage at higher caster levels.Limited usefulness if enemy is at full health.
Does not require concentration to maintain.

Remember that an experienced player can always find ways to utilize the negatives in their favor or even neutralize them altogether.



What happens when you cast Toll the Dead 5E on an opponent with full health?

When you cast Toll the Dead 5E on an opponent with full health, they will take a damage dice roll of d8.

Are there any saving throws that opponents might have against this spell?

Yes, they have a Wisdom saving throw to resist the damage from Toll the Dead 5E.

What boosts are provided by this spell if my target is already hurt?

If your target is already hurt, this spell’s damage dice increases to d12.

Can you tell me more about this spell’s range and casting time?

Toll the Dead 5E has a range of 60 feet and its casting time is one action.

Does it require material components to be able to cast it?

Yes, a bell is required as a material component for Toll the Dead 5E.



In a nutshell, Toll the Dead 5E is a powerful and versatile necromancy cantrip that any cleric or warlock should consider. It offers significant strategic advantages on the battlefield, especially when targeting already injured adversaries. Furthermore, it’s excellent for controlling the movement of enemies and potentially damaging multiple targets over larger areas.

Despite its minor disadvantage of requiring you to be in sight of your target, don’t let that keep you from giving this unique spell a spot in your repertoire. Always remember – D&D is about strategies and tactics; use these to your advantage whenever possible.

Ultimately, whether you’re new to Dungeons & Dragons or an experienced wizard with countless battles under your belt, Toll the Dead 5E is indeed worth exploring if you’re looking for interesting necromancy spells that mix up combat scenarios.

The world of D&D contains an unimaginable number of spells and creatures — don’t limit yourself! Dive deep into this vast universe and make each game effortlessly exciting!

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