Summon Greater Demon 5E – Unleash the Dark Power in DnD

Summon Greater Demon 5E - Unleash the Dark Power in DnD

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you’re a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast like I am, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Today, we will be delving into one of the more intricate conjuration spells from DnD 5E – The Summon Greater Demon.

Being part of the spell-casting community within DnD can be really rewarding. You may know manipulating energies to command creatures from other planes is an exhilarating part of gameplay that offers a fantastic dynamic to missions and battles. That’s what makes Summon Greater Demon 5E such an intriguing spell.

As we embark on this journey together, I’ll unravel every aspect of this spell, leaving no stone unturned – its features, applicability, pros & cons and even tackle some frequently asked questions that have arisen amongst our fellow adventurers. Injecting enthusiasm into our campaign playthroughs with resourceful knowledge is what we aim for here! So, let’s dive right into it.

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WHAT IS Summon Greater Demon 5E?

Have you ever been in a dangerous situation and thought how handy it would be to have your demon? Well, with Summon Greater Demon 5E, your wish is literally just a spell away. It’s one of the most potent demonic summoning spells that exist in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition game. It allows you to bring forth a formidable creature from the lower planes of existence right into your current reality.

WHAT IS Summon Greater Demon 5E?

This spell came into existence in the magical world with the introduction of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which significantly broadened the arsenal of spells available for players in D&D. You, as a player, can cast this spell to summon and command demons with immense might and terrifying power, which will follow your orders…well at least for a while!

Bear in mind, though, that Summon Greater Demon 5E isn’t for faint-hearted adventurers. Embracing this level of darkness comes with its share of risks and challenges. But don’t worry! This guide will teach you how to utilize this enchantment effectively while minimizing potential fallout.

WHO CAN CAST Summon Greater Demon 5E?

If you’re wondering who can cast Summon Greater Demon 5E in the world of D&D, here are a few characters that have the power

WHO CAN CAST Summon Greater Demon 5E?
  • Warlock: Warlocks are the natural choice when it comes to summoning entities from other planes. Their connection with powerful otherworldly patrons makes them incredible conduits of planar energy. Thanks to this unique relationship, they can successfully call and control a Greater Demon. Hex 5e is another potent spell most Warlocks favor.
  • Wizards: Known for their vast knowledge and variety of spells, wizards rarely shy away from an opportunity to increase their power, making Summon Greater Demon 5E an attractive option despite its risks. The versatile nature of Wizards’ spellbook could even support this high-risk, high-reward scenario with defensive or counteracting spells like Mage Armor 5e.
  • Sorcerer: Sorcerers might not be the first class that you think about in terms of connecting with demonic entities but remember that a sorcerer’s magic is all about their unique origin – including some pretty dark stuff! If your sorcerer carries a touch of the Abyss in their bloodline, they might be quite adept at conjuring demons onto the material plane.

Remember, whoever you cast as requires careful management and awareness, as failure to control summoned demons adequately could lead to undesirable consequences.

HOW AND WHEN SHOULD I USE Summon Greater Demon 5E?

Summoning a greater demon is not something to be taken lightly or used on a whim – it’s an act that can tip the balance of a battle in your favor, save your team from imminent peril, or bring about untold chaos if performed carelessly.

HOW AND WHEN SHOULD I USE Summon Greater Demon 5E?

Firstly, let’s talk about the power factor. Summon Greater Demon 5E is best suited for high-pressure situations where you’re up against powerful foes. The advantage here is that you are summoning an incredibly potent entity capable of brute force and harboring various unique abilities. Utilizing these abilities from higher challenge rating (CR) demons often leads to turning the tables.

Secondly, there’s the timing factor. This spell requires that wonderful thing called strategy! It’s usually wise to use it at critical moments of combat when all seems lost or you wish to create a diversion so that your crew can execute their plan. Timing could mean everything between harnessing great power and courting disastrous results.

Lastly, there’s also the control aspect: understand how to maintain command over your summoned creature as long as possible using protective circles or other magical means at all times. Once control is lost, things might take an unpleasant turn quickly!

Summon Greater Demon 5E FEATURES

You’ll find these features quite handy when casting this potent healing spell:

  • Summon Greater Demon 5E is a level 4 spell, making it appreciable in potency compared to lower-level conjuration spells.
  • The spell requires both verbal and somatic components to cast. This means you’ll be partaking in magical chants and specific physical hand gestures to unleash its power.
  • It has an impressive casting range of 60 feet, giving you enough space to keep a safe distance from the demon once it materializes in your realm.
  • The summoned demon isn’t a permanent companion. Based on your caster level, the demon will remain for an hour or until it drops to zero hit points or dies.
  • You have control over the demon’s actions as long as you concentrate on the spell up to a maximum of one hour. However, every time the demon takes damage, it gets an opportunity to break free from your control.
  • If you stop concentrating before the spell duration ends or if the demon succeeds in breaking free of your control, it won’t vanish immediately. Instead, it will stick around for potentially hostile actions until its hour ends or someone vanquishes it.

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WHO CAN I TARGET WITH Summon Greater Demon 5E?

It’s important to understand that the Summon Greater Demon 5E spell doesn’t target a creature or a player as with most offensive spells in D&D. Instead, it’s cast on an area where you intend the demon to appear. Once summoned, they become your quasi-ally for the duration of the spell.

You indicate an unoccupied location, which can be anywhere within a range of 60 feet. On casting this spell successfully, one of the numerous types of demons will appear at your chosen spot and wreak havoc under your command!

But let’s not forget — these evil entities have a vile mind of their own and love to cause chaos. They’ll attack any creature they see near them after being summoned. So, it would be wise not to invoke this spell when you or an ally are too close to the designated space.

Summon Greater Demon 5E indeed presents us with an exciting dynamic on the battlefield. Just imagine watching your foes tremble as they face off against your demonic assistant from another plane!


Diving into the world of healing magic, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of such a powerful spell is crucial. Summon Greater Demon 5E is a staple in many adventuring parties, but like all things, it has its pros and cons.

Adds a powerful ally to your side in combat.Requires constant control to prevent the demon from going rogue.
Can be summoned within a 60 feet radius, providing flexibility in usage.Spell only lasts for up to an hour, less if you cannot maintain concentration.
The demon acts on each of your turns, offering regular use during battle.Demons are resistant to being charmed, limiting the influence of certain tactics or spells against them.
Could be used as a distraction as it grabs enemies’ attention immediately, thanks to its menace appearance.If you lose control, the demon may attack the nearest non-demons instead of following your initial command.
Can turn the tide of the battles when it’s going tough.

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What type of demon can I summon with Summon Greater Demon 5E?

When you cast Summon Greater Demon 5E, you can conjure a demon of challenge rating (CR) 5 or lower. The higher the level you cast this spell at, the more powerful the demon you may summon.

Can I control the summoned demon with this spell?

Yes, however, there is a limit to that control. The demon will obey your commands for one hour, but after that period, it becomes unruly and may start to attack anything around it — including you!

Is there any way to contain the summoned demon?

The spell comes with a notable feature of protective barriers, which can be used to enclose the summoned beast. Still, beware! Intelligent demons will actively seek ways to escape these measures.

What happens if I lose concentration on the Summon Greater Demon 5E spell?

If your concentration is broken during the casting or while commanding the demon, things go downhill quickly as the conjured entity may break free and act on its own accord.

Does Summon Greater Demon 5E work without knowing Infernal, the devil’s language?

Unfortunately no! To take command of these bloodthirsty creatures requires oral directions given in Infernal language during casting.

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In conclusion, learning to master the Summon Greater Demon 5E spell in D&D will undeniably add a whole new level of excitement and unpredictability to your gaming sessions. By summoning these formidable creatures from lower planes of existence, you can tilt battles in your favor, make exploration easier, or challenge yourself with the balancing act of control and chaos. However, it’s not a spell to be taken lightly and demands careful use.

Remember that every action has consequences, and controlling demons always carries serious risks. As you engage with this spell more deeply, you’ll become more experienced in handling those risks according to your gaming strategy. So go ahead, give it a shot! Who knows? Maybe that terrifying Balgura or unruly Barlgura could be the unlikely ally that saves the day for your party!

Seize the adventure that Summons Greater Demon 5E offers, but never forget: demons are inherently treacherous. Stay alert, stay smart, and above all – have fun!

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