Unlock Powers with Paladin 5e: A Heroic Adventure

Unlock Powers with Paladin 5e: A Heroic Adventure

So, you’ve decided to step into the plate-clad boots of a Paladin for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Brilliant choice! The Paladin 5E makes for one of the most versatile and rewarding classes in DnD. Known for their unyielding dedication to justice and their nigh-insurmountable resilience, Paladins truly stand at the forefront when facing evil.

However, there’s so much more to this class than just brandishing a favored weapon and bellowing out challenges. It requires a blend of combat prowess, divine magic versatility, and, most importantly, an unwavering commitment towards righteousness. Be prepared to delve deeper into such amazing elements that make these holy warriors a truly unique choice in your DnD experience.

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Paladin 5E

Below is the table for the Paladin 5E, which gives an idea about the skills required at each level, along with proficiency and their features.

LevelProficiency BonusFeatures
1+2Divine Sense, Lay on Hands
2+2Fighting Style, Spellcasting, Divine Smite
3+2Divine Health, Sacred Oath
4+2Ability Score Improvement
5+3Extra Attack
6+3Aura of Protection
7+3Sacred Oath feature
8+3Ability Score Improvement
9+4Improved Divine Smite
10+4Aura of Courage
11+4Sacred Oath feature
12+4Ability Score Improvement
13+5Cleansing Touch
14+5Aura of Faith
15+5Sacred Oath feature
16+5Ability Score Improvement
17+6Aura improvements
18+6Aura Improvements
19+6Ability Score Improvement
20+6“Sacred Oath feature”

Hit Points

When you step into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, your character’s durability is denoted by hit points (HP). As a Paladin, this becomes essential!

  • A Paladin 5E starts with an impressive 10 Hit Points (HP) — one of the most durable classes in DnD. This gives you significant resistance from the get-go, enabling you to dive into those formidable quests.
  • Roll or take the average. For a Paladin, each additional level gets them either a roll of d10 or a guaranteed six added to their HP.
  • Don’t forget your Constitution modifier! This score contributes directly to your HP. So if your constitution modifier is +2 and you’re at level 3, that’s an extra 6 HP boom right there.

In short, Hit Points are your lifeline in any adventure. Striking enough balance between courage and caution proves key to survival. Playing as a Paladin comes with many rewards – staying power is one of them! Be firm and steadfast because, as a Paladin – Your honor is no less than your life!

Paladin 5E Equipments

Equipment is necessary for all the players of Paladin 5E. Here is the list of some equipment that you should know about:

Paladin 5E Equipments


As a frontline fighter, a Paladin 5E needs a reliable melee weapon. The longsword is an optimal choice with user-friendly mechanics and decent damage output.


Combine your longsword with your security for added defense. This piece of equipment is not only key to increasing your AC but also lends itself to some unique Paladin abilities.

Chain Mail Armor

To maximize the class’s combat survival rate, heavy armor like chain mail comes in handy. It offers significant protection without messing up mobility too much.

Holy Symbols

Paladins rely on divine power for their unique smite abilities and healing spells. Carrying a Holy Symbol – such as the emblem of their deity – supports these powers in the game.

Adventuring Gear

Common essentials such as torches, ropes, and rations form an important part of any Paladin’s gear list. Remember, you’re not just a warrior but an adventurer too!

Remember that Paladin 5E isn’t just about having the biggest sword or the heaviest armor; equipment selection should complement your playstyle and character development throughout your campaign!

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Paladin 5E Class Features

The Paladin 5E class boasts numerous features that make it a unique and powerful option for your adventuring party. These include:

Paladin 5E Class Features
  • Divine Sense: The presence of evil becomes an uncomfortable sensation for a Paladin. This feature enables you to detect such malicious presence within proximity.
  • Lay on Hands: Paladins can heal the wounded with a touch, restoring hit points to themselves or their allies.
  • Fighting Style: At the second level, you adopt a particular fighting style as your specialty.
  • Spellcasting: Starting at the second level, Paladins can learn and cast spells that are drawn from the paladin spell list.
  • Divine Health: The divine magic flowing through you enhances your healthiness, making you immune to all diseases at the third level.
  • Channel Divinity: From the third level onwards, you can channel divine energy directly from your deity.
  • Cleansing Touch: By the 14th level, Paladins can use their action to end one spell on yourself or on one willing creature that you touch.

Remember, many of these abilities either improve or new ones are gained as your Paladin increases in levels!

Paladin 5E Tips & Tricks

When it comes to mastering the Paladin 5E class, there’s much more than what meets the eye. Let’s delve into some insider secrets to up your game!

  • Plan Your Attributions Well: A successful Paladin prioritizes strength and charisma attributes. Strength augments your melee attacks, while charisma enhances spellcasting power and the power of numerous class capabilities.
  • Utilize Lay on Hands Strategically: Sure, it’s tempting to keep your hands ready for healing. Remember, you can also use them to cure poisons or diseases affecting you or your allies in tricky battles.
  • Choose Your Fighting Style Based on Preference: Whether it is protection for shielding an ally under attack or a great weapon fighting for heavy damage—with the right strategy, both can turn out fruitful.
  • Keep a Count of Divine Smites Per Day: Although drawing upon divine energy is useful when fighting foes, keeping track of how often you can do so each day will come in handy.
  • Smart Use of Spellcasting Capabilities: Paladins have restricted slots for casting spells per long rest; wisely picking which attacks get prepared at the start of the day could have huge influences on how battles are waged later on.
  • Pick Your Oath Thoughtfully: Each Oath path provides a spate of bonuses and special abilities—careful selection aligning with preferred playing style paves the way towards a powerful Paladin!

All in all, practice makes perfect! The fun lies not just in playing but also in growing with every game—a journey dotted with brave victories and lessons learned from defeats that’ll mold you into an unparalleled Paladin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Paladin 5E unique in DnD?

Paladins are famed for their divine connection and their incredible ability to heal, protect, and combat evil with their smite ability.

How stat-dependent is a Paladin in 5E?

The primary stats for a Paladin are Strength (for combat) and Charisma (for spellcasting), but Constitution’s relevance shouldn’t be undermined as it influences hit points.

Can Paladins cast spells like other classes in DnD?

Yes, Paladins can cast spells, with some being quite potent – thanks to their unique class feature called Divine Smite.

What is the least important stat for a paladin?

Intelligence and Wisdom can be forgotten as dump stats, while Dexterity is unlikely to ever be of use, given the heavy armor you’ll be wearing

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After we’ve journeyed through all the intricacies of the Paladin 5E class – from calculating hit points to detailing level progression to breaking down essential equipment and features – it’s clear that this is no ordinary character class in Dungeons and Dragons.

Paladins are the perfect blend of divine casters and fearsome warriors whose potential only increases as they level up. They are protectors and champions of righteousness and bring a wholly unique flavor to any DnD campaign with their honor-bound roleplay opportunities and heavy-hitting combat abilities.

However, just like any DnD class, mastering a paladin takes time. Use the tips & tricks above as your secret weapon! Remember – every player has their distinct style; Paladin could offer you an unparalleled gaming experience if approached appropriately.

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