Unveiling Compelled Duel 5E – DnD Heroic Spell Guide

Unveiling Compelled Duel 5E - DnD Heroic Spell Guide

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in Dungeons and Dragons where you needed to control the flow of combat, drawing an opponent’s attention away from your allies? Well, if you’re a Paladin in DnD 5E, then the spell “Compelled Duel 5E” is just what you need! This post is all about unraveling the details, intricacies, and strategies revolving around this remarkable spell.

In this comprehensive guide to Compelled Duel 5E, I will be taking you through every aspect that makes it tick. From its requisite classes to its daring uses, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to employing this unique paladin arsenal.

Prepare for an enlightening journey as we delve into all facets of this fantastic piece of Dungeons and Dragons magic. Whether new or seasoned at role-playing games like Dnd 5E , I assure you that by the end of this piece, “Compelled Duel” won’t be just another spell on your list but an integral part of your strategic might!

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WHAT IS Compelled Duel 5E ?

When I first stumbled upon the spell Compelled Duel 5E in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, I found it fascinating. It’s a unique enchantment that allows you to challenge a creature to a one-on-one combat. The caster compels another creature into a duel, forcing it to fight against them. It’s not just compelling in its name but also compelling in its use during gameplay.

WHAT IS Compelled Duel 5E ?

In essence, Compelled Duel 5E is the manifestation of a heroic fantasy trope that we’ve all seen in countless novels and movies—the solo hero challenging their opponent, demanding their undivided attention while their comrades devise strategies or regroup.

This spell, available as part of the 5th Edition (hence the 5E) of DnD, provides players with an extraordinary scope for roleplaying scenarios and strategic battles. Whether you want to distract an enemy or save a party member from imminent danger by taking all blows upon yourself, Compelled Duel 5E can be your go-to maneuver.

WHO CAN CAST Compelled Duel 5E?

If you’re wondering who can cast Compelled Duel 5E in the world of D&D, here are a few characters that have the power:

WHO CAN CAST Compelled Duel 5E?
  • Paladins: First and foremost, it’s important to note that Paladins are the primary class who can cast Compelled Duel 5E. This is an enchantment spell available to them right from the first level. Given their role as front line fighters and protectors, this spell fits perfectly into their arsenal. They can use it to draw enemies away from more vulnerable allies or to single out a particularly tough opponent.
  • Bards: Although not a typical choice for Bards, they too can cast Compelled Duel 5E if they choose this spell using their Magical Secrets trait at higher levels. This tactical versatility adds another layer of support that the Bard can offer during battles by redirecting threats away from other party members.

Compelled Duel 5E FEATURES

You’ll find these features quite handy when casting this potent healing spell:

Compelled Duel 5E FEATURES
  • Enchantment Type: Compelled Duel 5E is an Enchantment spell that manipulates the mind of a creature and compels it to engage in combat with you.
  • Spell Level: This fascinating spell is a 1st level spell which makes it available fairly early to players.
  • Casting Time: Surprisingly quick to invoke, Compelled Duel has a casting time of just one bonus action.
  • Duration: The spell lasts up to one minute, provided you maintain concentration.
  • Range: You can cast this enchantment on any creature within a range of 30 feet.
  • Saving Throw: The targeted creature gets to make a Wisdom saving throw and, on a successful save, the effect of the spell ends.

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WHO CAN I TARGET WITH Compelled Duel 5E?

This spell’s beauty lies in its vast applicability. I can cast Compelled Duel 5E on any creature within range that can see and hear me, providing it with a Wisdom saving throw. If the monster fails this check, it is obliged to focus solely on myself during combat.

Note, however, that there are certain restrictions. The spell immediately ends if I attack any other creature, a friendly character harms the target creature, or I end my turn over 30 feet away from the opponent. Though intended to keep your friends safe by diverting enemy attention from them onto you – an act of chivalry indeed – this spell requires careful strategic execution considering these conditions.

What does that imply? Of course, it’s that you cannot go around provoking mighty dragons, risking severe side effects while your friends stand at ease. But use this wisely against fierce monsters in tight situations to ensure survival; apply sparingly so as not to waste precious spell slots – because remember, you’ve got just one bonus action per round!


Here’s a straightforward table outlining the advantages and disadvantages of using the Compelled Duel 5E spell. Remember, every tactic has its pros and cons—it’s all about knowing when to employ them.

Provides control over enemy’s target choice.Requires concentration, leaving the caster vulnerable.
Protects vulnerable party members by drawing enemy attention.The target gets repeated wisdom saving throws, reducing effectiveness over time.
Great for role-play scenarios; encourages heroic moments.Effects can be ended if you or your party damages the target beyond what spell allows.
Adds more tactical depth to gameplay.

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Can multiple people cast Compelled Duel 5E on the same target?

No, Compelled Duel 5E does not stack. If someone else casts a spell on the same target, it negates the effect of the first caster.

What happens if I cast Compelled Duel 5E and then become invisible?

The spell ends if you attack any other creature, cast a spell that targets a hostile creature other than the target, or deal damage to another creature other than the target. Becoming invisible in itself doesn’t end it unless you fulfill any of these conditions.

Does this spell require concentration?

Yes, maintaining Compelled Duel 5E requires your concentration. If your concentration breaks for whatever reason—whether due to taking damage or casting another concentration-based spell—the effects of Compelled Duel will cease immediately.

Can I force a non-hostile creature into a duel with Compelled Duel 5E?

Technically yes, but remember that forcing an entity into a fight may spark hostility against you and your party, which may lead to unforeseen consequences.

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Immersion in the Dungeons and Dragons universe is an experience like no other. Being able to utilize the art of spellcasting, such as with Compelled Duel 5E, takes your adventure to another level. As we’ve discussed throughout this article, this spell holds significant power and potential within its design.

It transforms the dynamics of a fight by compelling a chosen creature into a duel with you, providing an opportunity for strategic gameplay and rich role-playing experiences. But remember, it’s not just about casting the spell—it’s about when and how you use it that can shift the tide of battle in your favor.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced player or someone just starting their journey into DnD, I hope my explanation has helped clarify what Compelled Duel 5E is all about. Go forth now and make every encounter an epic one!

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