20 Best Paladin Spells in D&D 5E: Unleash Divine Power

Paladin Spells

You’re here because you know the power of a well-chosen spell can change the tide of any battle. As a Paladin, your divine magic is not just a tool but an extension of your conviction and sheer willpower. This article is designed for you who seek to wield your abilities with precision and strategy. We’ve compiled a list of the best Paladin spells by level to enhance your gameplay and elevate your role within the party.

From Warding Bond to Revivify, these are potent choices every Paladin should consider. So ready your sword arm, steady your heart, and delve into this in-depth guide that offers strategic advice based on game mechanics and our understanding of character roles and abilities.

Together we’ll find the perfect blend of offense, defense, and support spells to make you an unstoppable force on any battlefield – proving once again why Paladins are among the most revered adventurers in D&D!


Best Paladin Spells By Level

As you level up your Paladin, imagine the surge of power and divine light that courses through you as you unlock potent spells like ‘Cure Wounds’ at level 1 or the awe-inspiring ‘Banishing Smite’ once you hit level 5. Each new spell amplifies your abilities, enhancing Paladin capabilities in unique ways.

Best Paladin Spells By Level

When selecting Paladin spells, consider how they fit into your overall spellcasting strategies. Are you looking to bolster your healing powers? Or perhaps pack a punch in combat? The role of spells in combat is crucial; they can turn the tide of battle when used effectively.

For instance, combining ‘Shield of Faith’ with ‘Divine Smite’ creates an imposing force on the battlefield. You’re not just a warrior but also a bulwark against darkness, demonstrating the power of divine might and faith. Such Paladin spell combinations are key to asserting dominance and ensuring survival during intense encounters.

Remember that every choice matters – from which spells to learn, when to use them, and who to target with their effects. It’s about being part of something bigger than yourself: defending your party and making a difference. Unleash that holy fury with wisdom because it’s more than power – it’s purpose.

20. Warding Bond

Imagine the thrill of standing in battle, knowing that Warding Bond protects you and your closest ally. This spell is a gem among paladin spells, particularly for those who value the protection of their comrades.

Warding Bond: Paladin Spells
  • Bond’s effectiveness: You get to share damage taken with an ally. In essence, this halves the potential damage they would otherwise receive.
  • Bond’s limitations: The person you’re protecting must stay within 60 feet of you. Any further, and the spell ends abruptly.
  • Role-playing with Bond: It provides a sense of camaraderie and shared fate between characters, enhancing your group’s role-playing experience.
  • Bond’s strategic use: Use it wisely to protect fragile party members or strategic assets during combat.

Furthermore, Bond’s synergy with other spells can elevate its usefulness. Paired with healing spells like Lay on Hands or Cure Wounds, you can quickly recover from any shared damage. Just remember to keep an eye on your own hit points!

The power of Warding Bond lies not just in its protective capabilities but also in what it represents: unity and selflessness – a true testament to a Paladin’s commitment towards their companions’ wellbeing.

19. Holy Weapon

You’ll love the power and versatility that Holy Weapon brings to your arsenal. This 5th-level Paladin spell can turn even a humble shortsword into an instrument of divine devastation. Not only does it give you weapon enchantment benefits, but it also adds a significant amount of holy damage effects on each hit.

The true beauty of this spell lies in its flexibility. You decide when to trigger its blinding burst, adding strategic depth to your combats. By utilizing Holy Weapon smartly, you can maximize the sustained damage over time and the burst effect whenever needed.

The trick is all about timing your spell use. Cast it before combat starts to leverage the Paladin’s spellcasting ability without eating into your action economy during fights. On top of these bonuses, remember that Holy Damage bypasses many forms of resistance, making it highly effective against a wide range of foes.

Remember this: Holy Weapon is not just another addition to your arsenal; it’s a game-changer that empowers each stroke with divine might and radiant energy.

18. Destructive Wave

Destructive Wave, a potent force in your repertoire, lets you unleash divine energy that ripples outward from you, decimating foes with thunderous and radiant damage. This 5th-level spell is one of the most powerful tools in your Paladin toolkit.

When you cast it, each creature of your choice within a 30-foot radius must make a Constitution saving throw or suffer massive damage.

The advantages of the Destructive Wave:

  • Its selective targeting allows for strategic placement in the thick of battle.
  • It delivers both Thunder and Radiant damage – useful against enemies resistant to one type.

Tips on using Destructive Wave effectively:

  • Timing is everything; use this spell when surrounded by numerous enemies.
  • Respond to your enemies’ reactions; some might be more susceptible.

The raw power of this spell can turn the tide in any battle. With wise application and divine timing, Destructive Wave can become integral to your battle strategies. Remember that role-play scenarios can also benefit from the wave’s power – its impressive display can intimidate foes or inspire allies.

Harnessing this divine energy doesn’t only mean vanquishing foes but creating stories worth retelling among your comrades, strengthening bonds over shared triumphs. Leverage the full potential of Destructive Wave; let it echo through every corner of your campaign world!

17. Thunderous Smite

Harnessing the power of Thunderous Smite can add an electrifying edge to your attacks, sending shockwaves through your foes and leaving them quaking in their boots. This first-level spell is a go-to for any paladin, particularly when you’re surrounded by multiple enemies.

Thunderous Smite: Paladin Spells

The strategic usage of this spell lies in its crowd control potential; it not only bolsters your initial strike but also creates an area effect that pushes back and potentially stuns nearby adversaries.

Understanding damage calculation with Thunderous Smite is crucial. It adds 2d6 thunder damage to your attack and forces a strength saving throw on the target—if they fail, they’re pushed back 10 feet and knocked pronely, making the Smite’s impact even more potent.

Consider pairing combinations with other spells or abilities for maximum effect. For instance, using it alongside Divine Smite can lead to devastating damage output. Regarding critical role dynamics within your team, as a Paladin, you often occupy the frontline—using Thunderous Smite tactically can disrupt enemy formations while supporting your allies.

16. Command

With a word of power, Command offers you control that can sway the tide of battle, sending shivers down your foes’ spines as they’re forced to obey your will. As a Paladin, wielding such dominion responsibly is key.

The versatility of the Command spell lies in its many uses:

  • Compelling an enemy to flee, disrupting their formation
  • Forcing a foe to drop their weapon, leaving them defenseless
  • Making an adversary lie down, making them prone and easier targets
  • Ordering an opponent to halt, breaking their concentration on spells
  • Dictating an enemy to approach, putting them within your reach

Utilizing Command effectively requires strategic thinking. Consider the enemy’s immediate reaction and how it might affect other allies and spells in play. The ethics of using Command are often overlooked – do remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Command’s role in combat is pivotal; it’s not just about dealing with damage but controlling the battlefield dynamics. Its interaction with other spells can create powerful combos or disrupt opponents’ strategies. This divine mandate isn’t merely a tool—it’s an extension of your will on the battlefield; use it wisely and judiciously for maximum tactical advantage.

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15. ser Restoration

Switching gears from the offensive power of ‘Command’, let’s delve into one of the paladin’s cornerstone healing spells, ‘Lesser Restoration’. As a paladin, your role isn’t limited to smiting foes; you’re also a beacon of hope and healing for your party.

ser Restoration: Paladin Spells

Understanding the mechanics behind ‘Lesser Restoration’ can make all the difference in combat. This spell is designed to cure diseases and neutralize conditions like paralysis or poison that could cripple your teammates. But remember, timing is everything. It’s not about just slapping on a heel whenever someone’s health dips low. Strategically using Lesser Restoration at crucial moments can be game-changing.

Role-playing with restoration spells also brings another layer of depth to your character. Imagine being the divine bulwark that keeps their allies standing against seemingly insurmountable odds – it’s an incredible feeling!

So remember that part of mastering the Paladin class involves understanding how to efficiently allocate your resources towards both offense and defense – embodying the Paladin’s dual role as both warrior and healer. With smart use of Lesser Restoration, you’ll be able to turn dire situations around, ensuring victory for you and your companions on many more adventures!

14. Aura Of Vitality

Continuing on the topic of healing abilities, let’s delve into ‘Aura of Vitality’, a potent tool in the arsenal of any divine warrior. This spell is renowned for its exceptional healing efficiency and combat utility, making it one of the top choices amongst Paladin spells.

Aura Of Vitality: Paladin Spells

The Mechanics:nnAura of Vitality is a 3rd-level Paladin spell with an impressive casting duration of up to 1 minute. It emanates from you in a 30-foot radius, providing continuous healing to your allies within its range. Each round, as a bonus action, you can expend energy from this vitality aura to restore hit points.

The Drawbacks:nnThis spell requires concentration. If disrupted during battle, the spell ends prematurely and wastes precious resources. Its potency also means that it gets used up quickly. Therefore managing your higher-level spell slots becomes crucial.

The strategic implications and tactical options offered by Aura of Vitality are vast. Understanding these will help shape your approach when utilizing this powerful Paladin ability. Remember that each use should be carefully considered in line with enemy threat levels and ally health status—your role as a healer relies heavily on such judicious decision-making.

13. Blinding Smite

Moving on from the life-preserving benefits of ‘Aura of Vitality’, let’s step into a more offensive stance with ‘Blinding Smite’. This powerful spell is a boon for Paladins looking to dish out divine damage while keeping their enemies at bay.

Let’s dive into smite mechanics first, shall we? When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack, you can expend one spell slot to deal radiant damage in addition to the weapon’s original damage. That’s where Blinding Smite steps in – it adds an extra 3d8 radiant damage! Plus, if the target isn’t undead or immune to being blinded, they must make a Constitution saving throw or be blinded until your next turn.

Role-play applications of this spell are vast too. Imagine charging into battle, your weapon ablaze with divine energy – that’s what being a Paladin is all about!

When strategizing offensively, remember that Blinding Smite does not only inflict substantial damage but also blinds your opponent, giving your team tactical advantages. However, remember its limitations: it requires concentration and only lasts until the start of your next turn.

So there you have it- ‘Blinding Smite’ packs both punch and utility into one brilliant package. Mastering its use will no doubt elevate your Paladin gameplay!

12. Compelled Duel

Ready to draw your enemy’s attention and dominate the battlefield? Let’s discuss ‘Compelled Duel’, a spell that truly brings out the knight-in-shining-armor within you!

This 1st-level enchantment calls upon your Paladin’s charisma to force an opponent into one-on-one combat, making it ideal for duel tactics.

‘Compelled Duel’ is more than just a simple spell; it creates role-playing scenarios and emotional impact that enriches your gaming experience. When you cast this spell, it mentally binds the target creature to engage in combat with you alone, allowing battlefield manipulation as per your tactical advantages. It gives rise to dramatic moments where you stand firm against powerful foes while protecting your allies.

Remember, though, using ‘Compelled Duel’ requires strategy and timing. You must consider factors like distance from the enemy, their strength compared to yours, and potential interference from other enemies or allies. Your charisma plays a vital role here; higher charisma means better chances of making this spell work.

This incredible tool can turn tides in battle if used wisely. Its real beauty lies in its power and how well it resonates with what being a Paladin truly means: courageously facing danger head-on for the sake of others.

11. Find Steed

Shifting gears, let’s delve into the magical terrain of ‘Find Steed,’ an enchantment that calls forth a loyal and majestic mount to aid you in your heroic endeavors. This spell isn’t just about summoning any typical horse, oh no. You’ve got options for steed customization, from celestial steeds to other exotic beings like griffins or sabertooth tigers—each with unique abilities to assist you in combat strategies.

Find Steed: Paladin Spells

One of the most significant features of ‘Find Steed’ is steed communication. With this spell active, your mount understands every word you say and can even respond telepathically! Imagine the advantage of such a tactical partner on the battlefield; they are carrying you swiftly into combat and keep an extra eye (or two) out for danger.

But remember, having a steed isn’t all glory and triumphs; upkeep is involved. Treat your companion well; keep them rested and ensure they’re satisfied with treats or whatever keeps their spirits elevated. Your bond with them is crucial to retaining their loyalty when times get tough.

So there it is: ‘Find Steed’, a powerful tool that lets you command awe-inspiring mounts while enhancing your strategic maneuverability in battle. Use it wisely!

10. Protection From Evil And Good

Now, let’s dive into the realm of ‘Protection From Evil And Good’, a spell that’ll make you impervious to the influences of nefarious creatures and their ill-intent. This is your go-to for evil entities’ countermeasures; it hinders demons, undead, fey, and other evil beings from touching you or imposing harm with their vile spells. It strengthens your defenses by granting a disadvantage on attack rolls from these creatures – they can’t get the upper hand.

In addition to protecting you from evil forces, this spell also fosters good creatures’ alliance. You will find allies in celestial beings or any entity that embodies goodness and lawfulness. They’re more likely to assist or ally with you when you’re under this spell’s effect.

Think about the ethical implications too! Casting this spell doesn’t just mean self-defense – it shows your stand against all things wicked and your commitment to upholding goodness. When strategizing your spellcasting strategies in various role-play scenarios, remember that ‘Protection From Evil And Good’ is not just defensive but also diplomatic!

So embrace ‘Protection From Evil And Good.’ Let it shield you from harm while representing the beacon of hope amidst darkness. Stand tall as a paladin should: unyielding against evil and fostering alliances with good-hearted beings!

9. Crusader’s Mantle

Transitioning to the intriguing domain of Crusader’s Mantle, a spell that radiates an aura of divine power, elevating your combat prowess and that of your allies. This Paladin spell is steeped in lore, its aesthetics embodying the sacred nature of those who call upon it.

You might find yourself shrouded in a shimmering light, enhancing the resolve and strength within you and your comrades.

  • Crusader’s Mantle aesthetics: Your mantle shines with holy light, invoking images of legendary warriors.
  • Mantle’s role play potential: The mantle can showcase your character’s faith or dedication to their cause.
  • Underutilized Mantle tactics: Using the mantle as a beacon or rallying point during chaotic battles are often overlooked.

Crusader’s Mantle isn’t just another Paladin ability; it’s essential in strategic battle planning. Its thematic integration into gameplay opens avenues for innovative strategies and role-playing scenarios. With each use, you assert your battlefield supremacy and deepen the bond with your team members.

The underutilized tactics of this spell give it untapped potential that could turn tides in many skirmishes. And remember, every time you cast Crusader’s Mantle, you add to its rich lore and legacy. It becomes an ever-evolving testament to your adventures and triumphs on the battlefield.

8. Wrathful Smite

Diving headfirst into the thrilling world of Wrathful Smite, this spell packs a potent punch with its fear-inducing capabilities. As a paladin, you use your divine energy to instill terror in your opponents while dishing out damage. The key to mastering the Wrathful smite strategy lies in knowing when and against whom to deploy it.

Roleplaying with Wrathful Smite takes your game up a notch. Just imagine the scene: you stand as the beacon of justice, confronting an enemy who dares defy righteousness. You channel your divine wrath through your weapon and strike, their resolve shattering under your might.

However, be mindful of Wrathful Smite’s limitations. It demands concentration and can only affect one target at a time. So it may not reach its full potential if you face multiple foes or are prone to distraction.

Now let’s talk about enhancing Wrathful Smite. Combining it with spells that increase accuracy or damage can maximize its effectiveness – think Bless or Divine Favor here. Moreover, remember that maintaining control over the battlefield enhances any spell’s impact, including this one.

So there we have it: strategic application coupled with careful enhancement makes for an optimized use of Wrathful Smite in every encounter!

7. Shield Of Faith

Ready to raise your defenses to new heights? Let’s delve into the realm of Shield of Faith. This paladin spell truly taps into faith’s significance, embodying the essence of divine protection. As its name suggests, it conjures a magical barrier around you or an ally, boosting armor class by 2 during gameplay strategy. The shield symbolism here is potent – faith is an unbreakable defense against all harm.

Shield Of Faith: Paladin Spells

As part of your Paladin tactics, casting Shield Of Faith can significantly increase your ability to withstand enemy attacks and protect those in need. Consider role-play scenarios where this spell could be a game-changer – negotiating with dangerous foes or defending allies from powerful enemies.

Remember, though, while it provides an excellent defensive boost, it requires concentration; any loss thereof dissipates the shield.

A wise Paladin knows when and how to use their spells for maximum effect. With Shield Of Faith at your disposal, you’re a fighter and a protector who stands firm in the face of adversity. So stand tall and let your faith be known – cast that shielding light and let no foe breakthrough.

6. Zone Of Truth

In the treacherous world of deceit and betrayal, wouldn’t it be comforting to wield the power of absolute truth? As a Paladin, you can achieve this with the spell ‘Zone Of Truth’. This divine intervention allows you to create an unerring zone where every creature struggles to lie.

Here are four key insights into this powerful tool:

  1. Truth detection techniques: Within your Zone Of Truth’s radius, deceit becomes nearly impossible. Use it wisely in roleplay scenarios or interrogation strategies.
  2. Role-play scenarios: This spell excels in diplomatic negotiations or uncovering traitors amongst allies. It brings transparency and honesty when you need them most.
  3. Ethical implications: Be mindful, though, forcing truth can lead to ethical dilemmas and unintended consequences within your party or NPC relationships.
  4. Spellcasting tactics: Remember that creatures aware of the spell may choose their words carefully or attempt evasion.

The Zone Of Truth is more than just a tool for exposing lies; it’s a strategic asset that requires careful consideration and timing. Use it responsibly as part of your arsenal in navigating social interactions, solving mysteries, defending justice, and upholding your Paladin’s oath of honor.

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5. Bless

Harnessing the divine power of your faith, you can cast Bless, a spell that can inspire courage and determination in your allies when they need it most. It’s not just about powering up; it’s also about creating a sense of unity and camaraderie within your group.

Bless: Paladin Spells

Understanding the Bless spell mechanics is crucial for maximizing its utility. You can cast this on up to three creatures within range as a paladin. Each target gets an added d4 to their attack rolls or saving throws, offering them an extra push during combat.

Bless in combat is invaluable. Its effectiveness lies not only in enhancing physical abilities but also in boosting morale. Seeing their comrades strengthened by holy magic often encourages other party members to fight harder.

However, be mindful of the Bless spell limitations. The concentration requirement means any damage could disrupt the effect if you fail your saving throw. Additionally, casting another concentration spell will end Bless prematurely.

Role-playing with Bless brings depth to your character’s belief system and showcases their leadership skills – inspiring others with divine favor could draw many into your circle of trust.

Tactical uses of Bless are numerous: use it early to gain an edge over foes or save it as a trump card when allies falter. Remember though, strategic timing is key as its duration lasts only one minute – make every second count!

4. Dispel Magic

Like a gust of wind scattering fog, Dispel Magic can cut through the most intricate enchantments with alarming ease. As a paladin spellcasting ability, its power shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s not just about removing harmful spells from your comrades or yourself; it’s also about strategically disrupting enemy casters and their plans.

To optimize Dispel Magic’s effectiveness, you need to consider timing. Knowing when to dispel magic is crucial in combat application. Is an ally cursed? Has the enemy wizard thrown up a protective shield? Recognize these opportunities and act accordingly.

Dispel Magic has limitations, though. It won’t work on every enchantment, particularly those more potent than your spellcasting ability can counteract. Be aware that using it indiscriminately may deplete your limited spell slots quickly without necessarily achieving desired results.

Remember, as part of this tight-knit community of adventurers, your role isn’t only about brute strength but also about tactical wisdom and support where needed. So wield Dispel Magic wisely – it could tip the balance of battle in your team’s favor when used effectively and at key moments during skirmishes or intense boss fights!

3. Death Ward

Let’s move on to Death Ward, a spell that can be your ace in the hole when things get dicey. As a paladin, you’ll want this spell in your arsenal for its life-saving properties.

Death Ward: Paladin Spells

The mechanics of Death Ward are straightforward but powerful:

  • When cast, it grants a protective barrier that negates the effect of an attack or spell that would otherwise reduce you to 0 hit points.
  • If subjected to an effect like Power Word Kill or any other instant-death feature, the ward absorbs the impact and vanishes.
  • The ward lasts until it is triggered or for eight hours.

Ward usage strategies include casting it on yourself before heading into battle or on allies who tend to attract enemy attention. Remember, though, despite its power, Death Ward has limitations—it doesn’t provide immunity against non-lethal damage types and cannot protect more than one person at a time.

Death Ward shines even brighter when used tactically alongside other spells—imagine combining it with Lay on Hands for maximized self-sustain! Roleplay with Death Ward can also add depth to your character’s protective nature. Always consider how to use spells like this not just for survival but for enriching your narrative journey as well.

So remember: wield Death Ward wisely and strategically—you never know when it might turn the tide of battle!

2. Banishment

Don’t underestimate the power of Banishment, a spell that can literally send your enemies to another dimension! This spell is a game-changer in intense battles.

Understanding banishment mechanics will take you far in managing high-threat opponents.

Banishment is a 4th-level abjuration spell that temporarily removes a creature from your plane of existence. It works wonders against extraplanar entities but also has its uses against creatures native to your plane. If the target fails their Charisma saving throw, they’re shunted off to a harmless demiplane for up to one minute, giving you some breathing room.

But be mindful of the spell limitations! The banished creature returns if concentration breaks before the full duration expires. Additionally, counterspell usage by enemy casters can nip your strategy in the bud if not well-planned.

When roleplaying banishment, it’s about more than just stats and strategies—it’s about teamwork and creativity too! Use it as an opportunity for dramatic moments or clever tactics.

Remember, though, while banishment can be a powerful tool in your paladin’s arsenal, it isn’t always about using the most potent spells but rather how and when you use them, which truly strengthens bonds within your adventuring party!

1. Revivify

Shifting gears from banishment, let’s dive into the life-saving magic of Revivify. As a paladin, you’re not just a defender of good but also a beacon of hope for your fallen comrades. When death strikes amid battle, it’s your divine duty to snatch them back from their icy grip using Revivify.

Revivify: Paladin Spells

This third-level spell is potent yet comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Revivify’s limitations: It can only resurrect those who have died within the last minute.
  • Overcoming death scenarios: You must act quickly and strategically to use this narrow window.
  • Revivify and role-play: The urgency adds extra tension and excitement during gameplay.
  • Balancing Revivify’s power: Its high cost ensures that it doesn’t become overused or devalue the threat of death.

Countering Revivify’s usage is rare but possible, adding another level of strategy to combat encounters. Despite its constraints, when used wisely, Revivify embodies everything a Paladin stands for – courage, sacrifice, and, most importantly, unwavering faith in their cause.

So remember, fellow Paladins; we are not merely warriors but saviors too. Let us wield our power responsibly and keep our party alive against all odds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the prerequisites for a Paladin to learn new spells?

You must focus on spelling selection and preparation to learn new spells. Your Sacred Oath and Paladin rituals matter. Remember, your spells are divine interventions, so your faith is crucial too.

2. How can a Paladin increase the effectiveness of their spells?

Boost your spells’ effectiveness by mastering spell timing, optimizing Divine Smite, and managing spell slots carefully. Consider paladin multiclassing for versatility. Your assistive auras also play a significant role in enhancing your magic’s power.

3. Are there any negative consequences for a Paladin using dark or forbidden spells?

Using dark or forbidden spells can lead to serious ethical dilemmas for a paladin. It’s a tough balance of faith versus power, and misuse may result in severe consequences, potentially impacting your roleplay experience.

4. What are some strategies for best using Paladin spells in combat situations?

Master your spell timing to conserve the paladin’s mana. Use defensive spells before entering combat and offensive ones when engaged. Duo casting can maximize damage or protection. Remember, you’re part of a team; play your role wisely.

5. Can Paladin spells be combined for more powerful effects?

Absolutely! Utilize spell stacking techniques and paladin spell synergy for powerful elemental combos. Timing and sequence of casting is crucial. Multi-class spell interactions also boost potency. Strategize, belong in the world of magic mastery!

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So, you’ve got a handle on the best Paladin spells now. Whether it’s Warding Bond for added protection, Holy Weapon to enhance your attacks or Revivify to bring back fallen allies, there’s a spell suited for every situation.

Remember, choose your spells wisely, as they can often be the difference between victory and defeat. Now go forth, champion of justice, and let your light shine in every battle!

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