tips for assaulting & defending positions in Rainbow Six Siege

rainbow six siege

R6 can be called the ideological continuation of CS:GO in terms of confrontation between special forces and terrorists, but with elements of destruction, agents and tactical capabilities that will directly influence the outcome of the round.

You will play a match, the outcome of which will be decided by one of the teams achieving eight wins in the rounds.

The sides will change, and you will be able to play as an attack, which is represented here by special forces and the defense of terrorists who occupied a building with hostages, or planted a bomb.

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For games in which you win or lose, you will receive a rating, gain it, or lose it – this is necessary so that the game clearly understands your level and selects really convenient opponents for you, with whom you will gain both gaming experience and pleasure, constant progress in gaming skills.

It’s not always possible that you will have such a stable and strong team that will bring you a series of victories, combining your and their efforts.

To try to play against really difficult enemies, you need to spend a lot of time boosting your rating, or follow the link – and order it from the Skycoach service.

Of course, not a single service guarantees that you will gain a foothold in the results achieved, but a period of playing with difficult opponents will definitely teach you new tactics and ideas and the ability to interact with the same allies.

Even if you eventually lose all the R6 boost, you will be able to get it back exactly at the moment when your gaming skills converge so much that you, even alone, will make a big impact in the match, even if your allies are not coping.


Attack matches will mean that you will play as the police special forces, who must come up with an assault plan to enter the building, knock out the opponents and deactivate the threat to the hostages, or defuse the bomb.

You need to plan the attack and distribute forces for the assault so that the enemies do not fully understand the main point of the attack and do not pull together to repel it.

Any situation where attackers meet an equal number of defenders is more dangerous because the defenders always use cover and see the entrance to buildings.

Remember that in any case you are in a more advantageous situation, because you decide where and how to attack, and the enemies only hold key points and hope to guess and react in time to the location of the attack and repel it.

You can play aggressively and simply and quickly storm one of the points and, without allowing the enemies to come to their senses, knock them out. This tactic will not always work, and the secret of boosting in Rainbow Six Siege is the ability to outwit the enemy.

Use grenades and always count on unconventional actions by enemies, such as planting tricky mines, or, conversely, full-fledged exits in an attempt to reduce the number of attackers in order to strengthen your positions.

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Immediately plan the points that you will storm and the methods – silent break-ins, or full-fledged breakthroughs with blowing up walls.

Use various agents to be able to remove any obstacle without giving up reconnaissance and surveillance means.


You will play as terrorists who have entrenched themselves in the building, and you need to prevent the special forces from killing everyone, or disrupting your plans to blow up the building, or to protect your allies.

You can design and fortify part of the building to thwart the assault, or at least increase the amount of effort your enemies will need to continue to break through.

Your main task is to conduct reconnaissance and monitor the situation so as to find out the enemy’s plans in time and have time to reorganize for a full-fledged defense with large forces.

Always be prepared that enemies will attack you from many sides and install mines and tracking drones in advance to always be one step ahead – this will increase your chances of receiving a boosting rating in R6 for winning matches.

Periodically, to change the outcome of a series of rounds, you can play aggressively and try to destroy the defenders at the stage of preparation for the assault and reconnaissance, and if you manage to secure a numerical advantage of at least one player, then you will get a noticeably higher chance of winning, because storm It’s always more difficult than defending, especially in a minority.

If your team has experienced miners, then sometimes you don’t even have to fire shots to eliminate some of the enemies, or even the entire team.

Game in pairs

Try not to play alone, but to break the squad into pairs and act together, and allow one player to hold the center and change lanes if necessary to help one of the pairs.

This will allow you to cover each other in battle and act instantly when throwing grenades.

The first player throws a flashbang grenade, and the second player attacks immediately at the moment of the explosion, not allowing the enemy to come to his senses and do something to protect himself.

This tactic is equally good for assaults and for playing defense, so try to use it in any situation and if you have an adequate partner who will not expose your back to attack.

This approach works well for regular shootouts as well. To protect, frequent points and the first battles will take place just together, and you will need to hold the assault until the other group members approach.

By shooting two at a time, you increase your chances of eliminating targets and at the same time cover each other, which makes approaching a point more difficult, and if you combine such attacks with grenades, then with proper practice you can ruin entire rounds for your enemies.

Of course, this requires stable partners, or constant companions, which you will look for after increasing your boosting rank in Rainbow Six Siege.

Attackers can also work in pairs, especially when trying to identify weaknesses in the defense and plan a future assault, or destroy the first enemies and launch an attack at that point.

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